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Kuva & Kamera

From: 08/03/2013 To: 10/03/2013

Welcome to the PHOTO CAMERA exhibition at the Helsinki Fair Centre.

Target visitor groups

  • Photography and imaging professionals and enthusiasts
  • Video recording, editing and post-processing enthusiasts and professionals
  • Educators and field study
  • Digital media enthusiasts, professionals, and active
  • Buyers, sellers and traders
  • The remaining eight simultaneous event guests
  • Description hobby interested in initiating


  • Photography Cameras and Accessories
  • Description Video Cameras and Accessories
  • Image manufacture products and services
  • Digital recording and distribution of products and services
  • Video editing software and systems
  • Image processing software and systems
  • Printing and printing supplies
  • Mobile imaging and distribution
  • Information technology, network solutions and supplementary items
  • Home theaters, as well as presentation technology products and services
  • Education, educational institutions, organizations and magazines

Watch the video of exhibitors in the previous experience of the event here

You can also register as an exhibitor this

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