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Gitzo Inspires

It is easy to follow, but Gitzo inspires people all over the world to believe in their own vision and capture events and images that challenge and surprise us.

Gitzo inspires people to take their own path and show others the way.

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Claudia Müller

"Don’t set to your imagination and creativity, only respect boundaries that are set by your counterpart."

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Erlend Haarberg

"After many years of carrying a heavy tripod on my shoulders it was a relief to be the owner of a carbon Gitzo. It is sturdy and surprisingly light weight, and the legs are easy to pull out even after some years of hard work in the field."

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Florian Moellers

"Always show utmost respect to your subjects and the people you work with."

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Gregory Lesniewski

"The more I experience Polish nature, the better I see how many things is still ahead of me. There are enough exciting subjects to stick to my country for the rest of my life!" For Gregory, image itself is not a goal. "What drives me into my passion is a close contact with wild nature, that’s why I never shoots captive or game farm animals."

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Lilja Peter

“During my work with photography in the field I need equipment that´s easy to handle and that I can rely on. The Gitzo tripod has a lot of good qualities that helps me in my daily work.”

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Oliver Grunewald

After studying photography for advertising, French photographer Olivier Grunewald returned to his first loves, mountains, nature - the great oudoors.

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Orsolya Haarberg

"I love carbon tripods from Gitzo because they are steady but light weight which is perfect for photographing in the wild."

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Pete Oxford

"My Gitzo tripods have gone through the wars but always come out victorious. Have stripped them down, replaced bushes and parts myself and they just go on forever. Thanks."

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Sandra Bartocha

"... nothing is better than exploring nature and feeling the elements ..."

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Staffan Widstand

“The Joy of meeting Wild beings and Wild places is a part of basic human happiness. Without it we are simply less happy.”

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Stefano Unterthiner

"Gitzo is the best friend of the professional photographer. I'm never travelling without my Gitzo tripod!"

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